Los Angeles-based artist Diana Shui-Iu Wong was born and raised in 1940s Hong Kong. Wong’s interest in art and talent for drawing was apparent at the age of five. Throughout her childhood, she studied calligraphy, enriching her passion for art. Wong studied fine art close to home until her deepening interest in modern Western art, especially impressionism, led her to the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Italy, in 1957, and later the Royal School of Art in London. Wong returned to Hong Kong and traveled to New York and Los Angeles, where she set up permanent residence in 1970. Later in 1985, Wong opened a gallery of her own in Santa Monica. Since settling in Los Angeles, Wong has established herself as an international local artist who balances traditional Chinese and contemporary Western aesthetics.

While Wong’s classical training in both Chinese and Western painting form the basis for her techniques, her study of the I-Ching offered her a decisive break from traditional modes as well as new creative directions. In 1962, Wong began to experiment beyond the conventions of her formal art training to explore the liberating complexity of abstraction. Discovering that she could express pride for her heritage and culture through her work, Wong has also found self- empowerment through her art making. Wong’s most recent work ventures boldly into abstraction while grounded in nature and the elements. Her striking images, like color-flooded snapshots of the cosmos, explore universal questions about being and balance.

Labyrinth of the Nine Palaces Installation 2011 ShangYuen Art Museum Beijing, China

Labyrinth of the Nine Palaces Installation 2011 ShangYuen Art Museum Beijing, China

In 2011 Diana was invited to create a permanent installation of the “Labyrinth of the Nine Palaces” from the I-Ching with glass and steel on the rooftop of the Shang-Yuen Art Museum and Artist Community in Beijing, China. Diana Wong’s work has been exhibited in Museums, galleries and cultural centers in various cities in the U.S. and internationally in China, Japan, France, Italy, Mexico and Taiwan.

In 2005 Diana Wong published her autobiography: Merging, The labyrinth And Beyond, Art and Life of Diana Shui-lu Wong. Merging features a collection of work that spans four decades, from Wong’s early impressionistic portraits and landscapes to recent abstract compositions inspired by the Chinese philosophy of the I Ching or The Book of Changes.


Selected Solo Exhibits

2012 Glass Labyrinth, the Shang Yuan Art Museum, Beijing, China LA Artcore Gallery, Los Angeles
2010 ADC Contemporary Art Gallery, Los Angeles
2008 Gallery Ora-Ora, Beijing, China
Total Art gallery, Shenzhen, China
2006 Chinese American Museum of Art, Los Angeles
2005 “Retrospective” Museum of Art, University of Hong Kong
2000 “Entrance/Emergence” 456 Gallery, New York, USA
1998 “The Journey Within” Galleria Mazzocchi, Parma, Italy
1997 “Labyrinth of Migration” Robert V. Fullerton Art Museum California
“Blue and Gold: A Tribute to Hong Kong” Trigram Gallery, Hong Kong 1995 “Wonders of Heaven” Galleria Prospectiva, Milan, Italy
1994 “Wonders of Heaven” National Gallery, Beijing, China
1992 “Cosmos” Seibu Art Gallery, Hong Kong
“Cosmos” Filipin Gallery, Milan, Italy
1989 “New Works: The Pacific Rim Exhibit” Gallery Q + 1, Tokyo
1988 “Ten Years Work in Retrospective” Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
“Ten Years Work in Retrospective” Alisan Fine Arts Gallery, Hong Kong
1987 “The Peng Series” Midge Carr Art Center Gallery, New York Institute of Technology, New York
1983 “California Trails” Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, California

Selected Installations and Performances

2012 “All Seasons Become One” Art Performance, LELA International Gallery, Los Angeles, California
“Labyrinth of Nine Palaces” Permanent Installation of Steel and Glass, Shang Yuan Art Museum, Beijing, China
2007 “The Bliss Table”, Asto Gallery, Los Angeles, California
1999 “Creation and Dissolution” Art Performance, L.A. Artcore Brewery, Los Angeles, California
1996 “Process and Ritual” Video Installation, Downey Museum, Downey, California
1995 “The Labyrinth” LA ArtCore, Art Bank, Los Angeles, California National State County Partnership Grant
1994 “The Labyrinth” Dance/Poetry/Music, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

Selected Group Exhibits

2012 “From a Whisper to a Roar”, National WCA Exhibit, Ave 50 Studio, Highland Park, CA
2008 “Building Bridges” CEART Cultural Art Center, Mexico
L.A. Art Core / Hybrid Prints Emphasis Santa Monica, Pete & Susan Barrett Art Gallery, Santa Monica
2007 Sung Zhuang Festival of Art, Beijing, China
Five Continent Artist’s Conferences and Art Exhibit, Paris, France
2004 Art and Democracy III Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro/LA, California
“Bridging Time and Space. California Layerists Create” SomArts Bay Gallery, San Francisco, California
2003 “Abstract Elegant I” Don O’Melveny Gallery, Los Angeles, California
2000 “The Immigrants’ Eye” Angels’ Gate Cultural Center
“On and Off Paper” Angels’ Gate Cultural Center
“Shifting Perceptions/Contemporary L.A. Visions” Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, California
1998 International Art Festival, Tachikawa, Japan
Pyong Taek International Art Festival, Pyong Taek, Korea
1997 “Four Abstract Artists” Gallery of the Rim, San Francisco, California Group Show, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai, China
“Beyond Abstraction” Alisan Fine Arts, Hong Kong
“Beyond Abstraction” Shanghai Museum of Fine Art, Shanghai, China

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