All Seasons Become One
A Film Inspired by a Painting

All One
“We have arrived at a point in time where human evolution has brought about a more full understanding of nature, and the ability to see the whole of the natural world, and our planet, as interrelated. But even as the agents of life’s most advanced accomplishment, we pursue a destructive path and threaten the very resources we need to survive. Will nature take a step backwards and overcome us? Or is there more that we have yet to see that will increase our chances of survival, and to thrive?

All Seasons Become One explores these questions through the vision of artist Diana Wong. We observe the artist’s movements as she paints the four seasons. In the theater of the natural world, a vast wilderness, her alter ego roams the dunes of inspiration. She has doubts that humans really do see enough of the total world to make its gloomy predictions – global warming, the end of the world. It seems to the artist in the studio an incomplete view, a conceit to assume that humans can overcome nature. In the desert her wandering spirit shows her we have a long way to go before we can see the whole, let alone make predictions about it.”

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